Thank you for choosing the Graham St Station Please read the party rules and let us know if you have any questions. 

    •    ●    All Guest Must be 21 or over w ID

    •    ●    Dress Code: No Athletic Wear, Caps, T-Shirts

    •    ●    Birthday/Special Event Host must be in the building by 10:30pm to hold section. * Early Arrival highly suggested 

    •    ●    Birthday/Special Event Host must have at least 5 guests before 11pm  

    •    ●    Host will receive a Free Table 

 Guest don't Choose Table. Due to demand free table can be in Scarlett lounge. Scarlett is located in same building, guest can go to room to room.

The only way to GUARANTEE table in Monarch Room is to purchase Table. 

    •    ●    All guests will enter through General admission Line.(For Skip line entrance and arrive anytime you like. All you have to do is purchase a VIP TABLE)

    •    ●    Party can be as large as you want, however Table size will be the same. 

    •    ●    Free Flyer included..please text your

 name, picture & date to 704-277-0855

If you agree to these terms. Please text your name and the date of your .

Thank you 


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