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Thank you for choosing the Graham Street Station Please read the party rules and let us know if you have any questions. 

    •    ●    All Guest Must be 21 or over with PROPER ID

    •    ●    Dress Code: No Athletic Wear, Caps, T-Shirts

    •    ●    Birthday/Special Event Host must be in the building by 10:30pm to hold section. * Early Arrival highly suggested 

    •    ●    Birthday/Special Event Host must have at least 5 guests before 11pm  

    •    ●    Host will receive a Free Table. 

 Guest don't Choose Table. Due to demand free table can be in GARDEN & HALFTIME. HALFTIME & GARDEN is located in same building, guest can go to room to room.

The only way to GUARANTEE a table in Monarch Room is to purchase Table. 

    •    ●    All guests will enter through General admission Line.(For Skip line entrance and arrive anytime you like. All you have to do is purchase a VIP TABLE)

    •    ●    Party can be as large as you want, however Table size will be the same.